Nästa Race: Anderstorp
1-2 juni

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Impressions from the weekend has sunk in and we are determined to fight for new points in less than two weeks at Anderstorp! 👊 Race report from Rudskogen is live on our website, slide over to www.nova-racing.se and read all about the weekend among hills and trees 🖥🤓

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After rain there’s sunshine. Racing is all about perfection and the slightest mistake comes with a lot of consequences. Today we suffered another mistake in the start and found ourselves fighting the back markers. Frustrating as we kept very good pace throughout the race, fighting for fastest lap. After some troubling races here in the start of the season we are committed to comeback stronger as we head for Scandinavian Raceway in two weeks time!

Today’s Race 2: P17 (P7 in class)

#PCCS19 #DontCrackUnderPressure #Porsche #PorscheCarreraCup #Porsche911

Race 2 is coming up! At 14:40 it’s lights out for the final time of the second round of Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia! We are starting from P10 (P3 in class) 💪🙌🏼

Follow the race via live timing at www.motorsport-events.se/livetimingpccs/#

#PCCS19 #DontCrackUnderPressure #Porsche #PorscheCarreraCup #Porsche911

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