Nästa Race: Kanonloppet
17-18 augusti




Antal dagar kvar:


Don’t forget the ongoing offer over at Klockmaster Hansson Frölundatorg! When you buy a TAG Heuer you have the chance to win an unforgettable VIP race experience together with Klockmaster Hansson, Nortime Sweden and Nova Racing 😎💪 For more information head over to Klockmaster Hansson or ask us in the comments! ...

The dynamics between the driver and the team is essential to find the last pieces of the puzzle!

Even though we long for the next race weekend we are working hard to move ahead! 💪🏎

Missing that midnight sun... 🌅and missing the action out on track! 🏎💪

Summer breaks in all it’s glory but we can’t wait to go racing once more! 😎

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