Nästa Race: Rudskogen
13-14 september

Antal dagar kvar:


Two days later and we still feel the weekend rush pumping! One single point from a perfect weekend.. catch up on our latest press release!🤩🙏🏼💪🤓


🏆 What a weekend! Edvin wins again! 🏆

With great strategy from the start, Edvin made a great show for all the fans on the grand stands. He secured a double victory this weekend and was also clocked for fastest lap in race 2. 🏁🏆

Thank you for great support from all over Sweden and to all of you that cheered on us at the track, you are amazing! 🙌🌟

Pictures of winning excitement! First place in Approved Cup after a really exciting race!! 🤩🏁 Let’s get ready for Race 2 👊🏼 ...

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